My company, Lyckobackens levAnde, is the perfect option for anyone who’s looking for serious and proffessional spiritual help. My name is Malin Harju and here, in the deep forest in the Northern part of Sweden, I work as an intuitive medium and healer.
I write and record guided meditations, creates jewels and talismans from what comes to me intuitively and I also run my own onlinestore where I sell spiritualistic things that I have designed or/and handcrafted myself and I help clients get to know their spiritanimals and guardianangels.

Most of my work can be performed on a distance so it doesn’t matter where You live as long as You can understand English.

Please scroll down a bit further to read more about the services I provide, how much I charge and how You can book appointments with me.



We live in an old country-schoolhouse built in 1887. The place is called Lyckobacken, freely translated the Happy Hill. It’s simply because the people living here are happy and it’s situated on top of a hill!

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Intuitive guiding

This is the perfect way to find guidance in a certain matter. Maybe You’ll have to choose between different jobs, have been feeling down for some time or need help in finding out more about Your lifes purpose.
I only use my intuition while guiding but sometimes I draw cards or use crystals to enhance my flow.
I take nice photos of everything I use and enclose them so that You can see what they mean to You as well.

Cost € 50, $ 65

Distant healing

While sending healing I go in even more in the clients energy and get a feeling of how they feel more physically and what they can do to improve their health.
The things I recieve is then sent to the client by e-mail.

Cost € 50, $ 65

Get to know Your spiritanimal

This service is suitable for anyone who’s interested in what animals and the nature can enlighten us with. I use my intuition during meditation and I recieve knowledge on what spiritanimal, totem, that is Yours right now and what abilities and gifts they pass on to You. These learnings I’ll write down and mail You after the session so that You can use them in both Your everydaylife and Your spiritistic developement.

Cost € 25, $ 35

Get to know Your guardianangels

Ancestors, relatives or ‘just’ guides takes help from the archangels or show themselfes as ‘angels’ to help, support and guide You. They can be very useful for our spiritual awakening and when I intuitively meditate over a certain client I channel information regarding what Your specific angel/s want to share with You.

Cost € 25, $ 35

Guided meditation

I soon plan to release my first guided meditation in English, ‘Winter’s coming’. Stay tuned!

All meditations comes by e-mail on a mp3-file that can be downloaded on several different medias.

Cost € 15, $ 20

Please contact me (write what kind of service You’re interested in purchasing in the Subject-field) and I’ll send You the payment-details. When I see that Your money has reached my account, I’ll handle Your request as soon as possible.

(Remember that the work I do and the services I provide only can be seen as a complementary method and that it’s always best to consult workmanlike care in times of need.)

Thank You for Your time!

Nothing but the best,

/ Malin ♥